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Welcome to Great Concept LLC L.L.C.

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Private Equity Funds

Our funds reflect Great Concept LLC’s focus on its dynamic home region, and the companies and sectors poised to benefit most from the Middle East’s robust growth prospects. Read More

Corporate Investment

Our flagship investment management service is a holistic discretionary service suited to corporate investors who wish to ensure their portfolio is managed by professionals in a responsive manner. Read More

Direct Lending

Our advisers work with each borrower to create a sensible and achievable business plan for their project Read More

Estate Planning

Ensuring that your financial affairs are in order and are structured appropriately is essential in optimising the benefits that you can pass to future generations Read More
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Our Funding Approach

Targeting high-potential sectors with a history of solid performance, we offer medium to long-term investment opportunities that produce competitive returns. Read More
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We welcome Brokers with open hands and We offer 1% to 2% finders fee commission to our broker in every successful loan closing that would come from our broker's esteemed end.therefore well transparent in all our working relationship with them. Read More
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Corporate Finance

Great Concept LLC is pleased to offer our corporate clients access to the fast growing market of peer-to-peer funding through private funding circles which provide bespoke funding to various private clients and non-personal entities. Read More

Who we are?

Great Concept LLC empowers Individuals, SME’s and Corporates to fulfill their financial needs through our various channels . We are a unique financial solution provider who caters the financial needs of our clientele with utmost Business Ethics, Compliance, Transparency and Integrity.
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Company Profile

Great Concept LLC is a unique financial solution provider established in August, 2015 by a team of seasoned experts to create a unique client proposition.

In a world where lifestyles, economies and technologies are constantly evolving, we are established to give our clients enhanced solutions in a simplified form. Our private clients benefit from our expertise in

• Cash Management
• Investment Service
• Direct Lending
• Corporate Investment
• Corporate Finance
• Estate Planing
• LSE Trust Corporate

Great Concept LLC ensures that clients find best offers through its various Financial Partners. It enables you to compare the products for helping you chose the best one which in turn save your valuable time & money and provides efficiency towards your search.

We are focused on keeping the standards constant, ethics, integrity and transparency. We spend time in understanding our clients’ requirements and deliver beyond their expectations. Learn more


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