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Cash Management

Great Concept LLC is delighted to be the first wealth management company to take an optimisation process, usually reserved for investment portfolios, and use this to construct our clients' personal cash management portfolios.

Our Cascade Cash Management Service adopts a new design which approaches personal cash management in a modern and truly independent way. The motivation for creating this service comes from our understanding that the return of a clients' Cash Management portfolio is consistently sub-par. The potential of Cash as an asset class is currently under exploited by the vast majority of clients and advisers alike.

Rather than being tied to any one institution, the Cascade Cash Management System automatically collates the rates of a wide range of mainstream providers, each day, and provides an easy and convenient way for clients to make the most from their cash holdings. We construct a diverse portfolio of cash deposits to your ideal parameters, administer the account opening process with each institution on your behalf and continually monitor the rates to ensure you are always earning a highly competitive rate of interest.